A Noted Foodservice Innovator’s Goodbye

by | Mar 25, 2018

I worked with Maurice Minno when I was at Circle K. CSNews recently published a 3-part interview with Maurice, who is retiring after serving as a consultant to our industry for many years. The interview provides a great deal of insight into convenience retailing foodservice evolution as well as information that is both foundational to any vendor or retailer who wants to be serious about foodservice.

Among his notable comments in the series of interviews are his views on the current state of foodservice in the convenience retailing industry.

“Yes, there are more and more c-store retailers making the commitment to grow and expand their fresh foodservice business — many with impressive, new store designs that feature exciting, new fresh food and beverage concepts,” Maurice told CSNews’ Don Longo. “However, with all the positive change, I still believe c-stores have so much more to do to make the necessary changes to overcome the industry’s lingering, less-than-stellar consumer image of “gas station food and beverages.”

Maurice says he believes the industry still has great upside as a purveyer of quality prepared product. “The c-store industry does have boundless opportunity to be the consumer’s first choice for fresh, quality, made-to-order, on-the-go foods and beverages,” he said. “And, yes, the industry is in a prime position today to capitalize on this opportunity. But many c-stores need to do more to meet today’s fresh-food business challenge. From my view, the gap lies in creating and managing a more coordinated fresh food and beverage offer in tune with today’s customers’ expectations, and presenting this offer with a higher-quality image — a restaurant-quality image.”

All brand development needs to be created with guardrails and especially foodservice brand creation. Maurice provides excellent guardrails within his interview.

See the links below for the full interviews:

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