5 Ways C-Stores Can Improve Their Foodservice Offering

by | Mar 26, 2018

As consumer preferences continue to shift toward new, more innovative and healthy products, Foodservice is emerging as a key area c-store operators can leverage to meet this new market trend.  In this post, BATeam shares some key ways to improve a Foodservice offering.

A recent foodservice report published by Convenience Store Decisions highlights many ways that operators will be capitalizing on industry trends and attempting to differentiate in an ever-evolving market.  One of those ways is focusing on foodservice as demand for innovative and alternative options continue to grow.   

Here are 5 ways c-stores can improve their foodservice offering:   

1.  Offer healthier options with greater variety. 

As millennials continue to drive demand for healthier, more nutritious meals and snacks to go, c-store operators that adjust their offering accordingly will capture more of those trips, and the incremental purchases that accompany them.   

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2.  Focus on the breakfast crowd.

This should include a gourmet coffee program that can compete with quick-serve restaurants (QSRs) both on quality and price.  In addition, a breakfast sandwich offering can supplement donuts and pastries by offering a healthy meal on the go that will also cater to the growing millennial segment.     

3.  Offer made-to-order sandwiches and meals. 

Giving customers the ability to customize their sandwiches and other made-to-order meals also caters to a growing demand for control over individual meal preferences.  With many shoppers having dietary restrictions, food allergies, traditional vs. organic preferences, and more awareness of what they are consuming, providing more options for meals-on-the-go that can fit more consumer expectations will result in more satisfied customers that will keep coming back.

4.  Cater to ethnic and multicultural cuisine.

According to the CSD foodservice report, nearly 45% of millennials identify themselves as either ethnic or multicultural.  In order to capture that target market, it is important for operators to offer food, snacks and meals-to-go that reflect their dietary preferences. 

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5.  Source local food when possible. 

Shoppers are becoming increasingly aware of where their food comes from.  The ability for operators to partner with local farms for fruits and vegetables, and even for dairy and meat products demonstrates a commitment to healthier, locally-sourced food that is good for the shopper and the community as a whole.  

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